Friday, January 25, 2013

TftD #9

Thought for the Day:

When I went to school I did not learn anything much which I now remember, except for this hidden message:

Every major problem in life has already been solved; because I'm a kid, I don't yet know the answers; the answers are in the teacher's head, or in the textbook; the aim of education is to transfer the answers from the teacher to me.

That hidden message from my school, I eventually realized, was not only crippling, it was wrong.

The world is not an unsolved puzzle, waiting for the occasional genius to unlock its secrets. The world is an empty space waiting to be filled. That realization changed my life. I did not have to wait and watch for the puzzles to be solved, I could jump into the space myself.

It is more exciting to know that you are creating a world than to feel you are merely replicating it.

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