Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lawrence Lessig's Grand Plan to Recover the Republic

Lawrence Lessig does it again with a stunningly compelling call to arms for fixing the growing issues within our government that simply cannot be ignored and must be reformed.

Crazy facts (3:00) :

  • .26% of American gave $200 or more to any federal candidate.
  • .05% gave the maximum amount to any federal candidate.
  • .01% (1% of the 1%) gave $10,000 or more to federal candidates.
  • In the last election cycle, .000042% (that's 132 Americans) gave 60% of the Super PAC money spent.

Something's gotta give...

Hard?  Perhaps.  But what's the alternative?

(then again, maybe it's not so tough... "a single statute... for small dollar-funded elections" (11:30))

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