Thursday, February 2, 2012

And now back to your regular programming...

After a surprisingly long break, I hope to return to a more regular blogging schedule. The excuses are plentiful (economy tanking that lead to a laser focus on 'regular' work efforts to keep gainfully employed, being one...), but the bottom line is that I didn't make it a priority to post. I saw it, at the time, as an 'extra' in my life that could (and did) fall off the bottom of the to-do list when time was short. What I didn't realize was just how much staying engaged in the broader learning community was central to my intellectual stimulation and ability to innovate. It's amazing how much I feel like my brain has been in neutral in terms of growth because I let this part of my development go untended.

Well, after a brief detour, I am now poised to return to my professional roots in Business Simulation and Story-based Learning design/development with a great organization who shares my passion for the possibilities associated with eLearning that is grounded in 'doing', rather than 'telling'. I'll be busy, for sure, but I feel like it'll be an environment where I'll be encouraged (again) to keep a finger on the pulse of the learning community, which will naturally lead to more fuel for blog postings.

At least that's the plan... We'll see! :-)

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