Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Narrative Spark: Stories in ID (ISPI '08/'09)

During a brief break in my regular schedule, I finally got around to addressing a request I've received several times over the last few years...

I was accepted to present a session at ISPI's 2008 conference on the power of story in instructional design. It went very well - so well, in fact, that they invited me (and a handful of others who received high eval ratings) to the 2009 show as an "encore" presenter. The 2009 session went even better than the first, and it was suggested several times that I figure out a way to post the session in an async fashion for others to reference and leverage. I thought it was a good idea, but I never had (or should I say, took) the time to assemble the media and deliver.

Until now!

I'm happy to share that I've managed to 'flatten' my PPT visuals (remove animations and builds) and sync them with an audio recording I made of the 2009 presentation "The Narrative Spark: Leveraging the Instructional Power of Story". Since it was a 90 min session, I decided to break it up into 4 pieces, each around 20 mins in length. The sections, organized by What, Why, and When/How, focus on how the proper use of Stories within instructional designs can help improve three of the key objectives of successful training - Comprehension, Retention, and Application.

All four segments are available on YouTube.

Part 1 of 4: The What of Story

Part 2 of 4: The Why of Story

Part 3 of 4: The When & How of Story (a)

Part 4 of 4: The When & How of Story (b)

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